Palisade Guardian 3

Play Palisade Guardian 3 Shooting Game Online

Palisade Guardian 3 Game

Name of the Game: Palisade Guardian 3
Category: Shooting, War
Description: Do you have what it takes to fend off the alien invasion?

Destroy all aliens with 6 epic weapons in 9 awesome stages! Winning a level will award you with stars, spend your stars in the Tech Tree to upgrade your weapons. Playing levels will also award you with coins. Use coins to buy Power-Ups for an extra advantage on the battlefield!


1. Click to shoot.
2. Spacebar to aim down your gun sight.
3. Power-Ups: Buy Power-Ups before you start a round, and then click the Power-Up icon in the top left of your screen. Select a target for your Power-Up if prompted.

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